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About us

We have produced alloy wheels and race accessories since 2002

Our history began in 2002 when Luca Meneghetti and Fabrizio Facini, two engineers with a strong passion for racing cars, founded Seido Design Engineering. After two years of activity as wheel designers for important manufacturers, Luca and Fabrizio decided to create their own brand of alloy wheels: in 2004 SanremoCorse 15” is the first wheel by EVO Corse, used by Toyota and Volkswagen in the rally championship South Africa.

We are a 100% Italian brand, with distributors in 48 countries worldwide

Since 2012 the DakarCorse offroad wheel has been the most used in the Dakar Rally; currently we are official suppliers to small and big race teams all over the world - amongst them Hyundai Motorsport, M-Sport and Toyota Gazoo Racing - and official supplier to national and international competitions, such as the Italian Renault Rally Trophies and the Skoda Octavia Cup.


Our team

Today our team – still under the management of Luca Meneghetti and Fabrizio Facini – counts nine people and several collaborators: we work every day to satisfy all the race enthusiasts that have chosen us.

Luca Meneghetti

General manager

Fabrizio Facini

Manager of technical department

Michele Favretto

Technical department and warehouse

Stefano Dal Zotto

Production manager

Matteo Bergamin

Export manager

Daniela Sannino

Sales department

Ketty Ruberto

Graphic designer

Eleonora Schiorlin

Administration office


In 2007 we signed an important technical agreement with Fondmetal – a well-known company with a glorious past in motorsport, now specialized in the production of aftermarket and OEM alloy wheels for many prestigious brands of cars.

This collaboration has led us to an increase in production and an improvement in the technologies used, allowing us to broaden our commercial offer and strengthen the sales network.