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13 Available
Weight (kg) 3.9
Lifting speed 9 strokes for maximum height
Maximum load (kg) 600
Minimum height (cm) 10.5
Maximum height (cm) 41
Extension (cm) 32
Total length when closed (cm) 61
Pin diameter 23

EVOjack is the hydraulic ultra-fast rally jack, specifically designed for the on-board equipment of the best rally cars. Its compact design, low weight and ease of use make it a unique professional product. All the critical parts of EVOjack are forged from the best steel, or CNC machined from one solid block of aeronautic aluminum alloy for guaranteed reliability.

Easy and fast to operate during the crucial moment of a “in-stage” tire change, EVOjack is quick to release thanks to a fast-drop hydraulic valve. The steel pin’s height is easy to register accordingly to the car ride, and its diameter can be selected from a choice of 21, 23, 25 or 27mm pins. A pin with hexagonal shape – ideal for gravel rally – can also be installed on request (one size of pin can be requested at the moment of the order and it is included in the price).

EVOjack is a professional motorsport tool, to be used by skilled rally crews on emergency tyre changes or tyre swaps between stages.


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