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EVOjack Quadra

EVOjack Quadra

550,95 € VAT included

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21 Available
Weight (kg) 5.1
Lifting speed 24 strokes for maximum height
Maximum load (kg) 600
Minimum height (cm) 16
Maximum height (cm) 39.5
Extension (cm) 23.5
Total length when closed (cm) 39

EVOjack Quadra is the fast hydraulic scissor jack specifically designed for rally racing.

EVOjack Quadra can be used with any racing car, thanks to the carrier member that fits the chassis without the need for the insertion hole. The removable handle allows to quickly lift the car and to safely turn the release valve; the lifting arm is inclined to the vertical in order to follow the natural movement of the car in the lifting phase, ensuring extreme stability during wheel change operations. It is easy to place in the car trunk, thanks to its low weight – only 5 kg – and small size.

Made from aircraft billet aluminum and high-strength steel, it undergoes surface treatments that increase abrasion and corrosion resistance, making it an investment that will last over time.

EVOjack Quadra is a tool intended solely for racing, designed for advanced users but suitable to beginners also.


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