Sport 6x14"

Sport 6x14"

Application Yamaha
SE0140090011 + A0.000000.00
206,42 € VAT included
Available colors

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Includes road mounting kit (required)
Diameter 14
Width 6
ET 16
Holes 4
PCD 110
Hubcap seat Not present
Wheel center bore 61
Steel insert SI
Nut cone 60°
Centering ring NO
Use Rallycross
Color White
CB 61

Sport 14 is the perfect tarmac rally alloy wheel for small cars.

The conformation of solid and semi-closed wheel protects the brake calipers from stones and always allows the correct air cooling. The light and solid design guarantees high performance both on tarmac and gravel rally.

Yamaha YXZ SSV (- -)


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ASTDiametro 14.000000

ASTLarghezza 6.000000

ASTET 16.000000

ASTN° fori 4.000000

ASTPCD 110.000000


ASTCenter Bore 61.000000

ASTBoccola SI

ASTFissaggio 60°

ASTAn. centraggio NO

ASTMarca Yamaha

ASTModello YXZ1000R

ASTImpiegor Rally Cross

ASTColore White

ASTPeso_Eff 7.100000

ASTPeso_Imb 8.180000


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